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Finance and Accounting Department

Among the basic tasks of the Finance and Accounting Department are: ongoing and up-to-date KBF bookkeeping in accordance with the law and the company accounting plan, maintaining records of cost documents, financial and bookkeeping services for programmes co-financed with EU aid funds and other external sources, keeping a VAT purchase record, synthetic registry of fixed, intangible and legal assets, inventory of financial assets and verification of the status of accounting records, formal and accounting control of financial documents and payments made to contractors, settlement of transactions made by employees using debit and credit cards, preparation of financial reporting and statistics in the field of financial management.
External Funds, Research and Analysis Department

The department is responsible for the acquisition of funds from national and foreign sources. It coordinates and accounts for implemented projects in strict cooperation with other departments. Additionally, it is responsible for the conducting of studies and preparation of analyses related to the statutory operations of the KBF.
InfoKraków Department

The InfoKraków Deparment operates an integrated system of tourist and cultural information. It offers comprehensive services for both Polish and foreign tourists, as well as for Krakow residents. As part of the department, there are seven InfoKraków points in strategic tourist locations in Krakow.
Investment and Administration Department

Included in the scope of responsibilities of the Department are: comprehensive administration and technical services for properties which are part of the KBF’s resources, including administration of the InfoKraków points, the Wyspiański Pavillion, CORT Powiśle, KBF warehouses, administration of investments and renovations in the Office’s resources, management and administration of the IT resources of the Office, logistics and supply services, administration and renting of concert equipment, management of transportation and fixed assets of the Office.
Kraków Film Commission Department

The main area of operations of the Commission is production aid for film productions. The support provided covers services regarding local law (obtaining administrative permissions for the needs of film productions) and facilitating access to public locations (urban or local government). A particular area of the Commission’s work is the coordination of contact between the producers with city offices, police, municipal police, fire brigades and emergency medical services.
Design and Branding Department

The Design and Branding Department is responsible for promotional campaigns as well as all advertising operations for events organised and endorsed by Krakow Festival Office: from graphic design, through DTP and printing, OOH campaigns, exhibitions, photography, branding, publishing, to image creation. The department also handles promotional operations of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, Krakow Film Commission, InfoKraków, Karnet, Kraków.Travel, as well as those within the UNESCO Krakow City of Literature programme.
Literature Department

The Literary Department handles the UNESCO Krakow City of Literature programme. Our strategic operations include, among others, integration of Krakow literary life, creating connections between literature, new media and the creative industries, promotion of reader attitudes, organisation of literary events and festivals, as well as supporting the development of the book industry. As part of this mission, we organise the largest literary programmes in Poland: the Conrad Festival, the Miłosz Festival, as well as Czytaj PL! – the largest campaign to promote readership in the country, the UNESCO City of Literature Creative Writing Course, the Bookcrossing campaing “The Second Life of a Book”, as well as a number of urban space projects, such as literary walks and City Codes – literary benches dedicated to writers connected with Krakow. We were also responsible for the organisation of Krakow’s visit as a special guest at the Book Fair in Paris in 2015, and along with the Book Institute, we organised the Biblioteka Nowa conference on the future of Polish public libraries. For more information, see: www.miastoliteratury.pl
New Media and PR Department

The New Media and PR Department ensures that the KBF and the events organised by the Office are advertised in the media. It is responsible for public relations operations and cooperation with the media – radio, press, television and Internet portals. It acquires media patrons, organises press conferences, coordinates journalist accreditation and operates a press office for every festival. It deals with contacts with foreign journalists and organising study visits. Included under the care of the New Media and PR Department are the websites for the Office and the events it organises. The department also deals with Internet marketing and PR activities in social media. It also coordinates the production of video materials from events organised by the KBF.
Office Services Department

The department is responsible for the circulation of documents inside the Office, telephone and correspondence services, organisation of official meetings and guest care. The department also provides administrative support for the Board, in addition to being involved in internal communication operations.
Technical Support Department, ICE Kraków

Working within the structure of the Technical Department are specialists whose task is the production of such events as congresses, conferences and cultural events with the use of the newest technologies and modern methods of creative event planning. Employed at ICE Kraków are electroacoustic and lighting technicians, experts in stage mechanics and technology, as well as multimedia.
Legal Department

Responsible for legal services in the Office, including providing legal assistance to other departments, development of document standards, regulations and agreements, negotiation and drafting contracts and annexes, legal development of resolution drafts for the Krakow City Council and the ordinances of the Mayor of the City of Krakow in the operations of the Office, keeping a registry of copyrights and licences, as well as providing support in public contract awarding proceedings.
Production Department

The department is responsible for the production of events organised by the Krakow Festival Office through organisation of stage technology and logistics, providing event security, contact with municipal services and institutions for the provision of formal approvals and permits to conduct events. It also deals with the organization of accommodation for artists and guests by providing airline tickets, hotels, transportation and catering.
Programme Department

The operations of the Programming Department include two main areas of activity – contracting artists for Office projects and support for festival guests during their stays in Krakow. The tasks of the Department include, among others, Office event programming, negotiating of payments for artistic performances, drafting licensing agreements, building relationships with institutional partners and the NGO sector, representing the Office externally, creating project management tools in the form of stay schedules, coordinating rehearsals and concerts, transport logistics, coordination of work on book and CD publications of the Office.
Project Department, ICE Kraków

The ICE Kraków Project Implementation Department is responsible for the production of all events organised in the facility: congresses, conferences, cultural and social events, as well as fairs. Employees carry out projects and take care of the clients, gather technical and logistic information, as well as providing advice based on their experience in the process of interior design and the use of available infrastructure. The duties of the department employees also include ensuring compliance with internal regulations under the agreement, the General Terms of Lease, the Regulations and the general Occupational Health & Safety regulations at the facility. At the production stage, they – along with the Organisers – prepare the necessary documents. They cooperate with the ICE Kraków Technical Service Department as well as the Investment and Administration Department. They participate in events, coordinating the work of technical and administrative employees of ICE Kraków.
Payments Department

Among the basic tasks carried out by the billing department are issuing invoices, debit and interest notes, revenue accounting records for the Office, keeping a record of VAT sales, as well as preparation of tax returns, calculation and discharge of flat-rate income tax for non-residents, accounting import services, organising cash turnover and cash operations in the Office, verification of inventory of goods for sale and promotional goals, settlement of sales made by Info points, valuation and accounting of inventory assets, ensuring timely collection of receivables and disputed claims, issuing reminders, settlement of travel expenses, as well as tender bonds and deposits.
ICE Kraków Congress Centre Sales and Marketing Department

The ICE Kraków Sales and Marketing Department is responsible for procurement of finances in relation to the operations conducted at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. Within the scope of the Department’s activities is accepting reservations, preparing tenders and contracts for leasing space in the Congress Centre in connection with the organisation of congresses, conferences, corporate and business events, cultural and social events. Furthermore, the SAMD team conducts marketing activities to promote the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, in particular national and international industry events. It is also responsible for business and partner cooperation with industry organisations and associations. The team takes care of building and developing long-term relationships with the business tourism industry.
Sales and Business Cooperation Department

The department collaborates with sponsors and commercial and business partners of the Krakow Festival Office and sells advertising space in the InfoKrakow points, the KBF websites and the Karnet monthly. It is also responsible for advertising, promotional and commercial operations during events organised by the Office, as well as the sales policy. Since 2015, an additional course of action of the Business Cooperation and Sales Department has been the organisation of networking events, which are intended to build strong groups of representatives of various interests of business and culture.
Publishing Department

The Publishing department is responsible for the publishing of the bilingual cultural magazine Karnet, as well as administration of the content of the www.karnet.krakow.pl portal. It also administers the substantive content and prepares official content of the Kraków Travel official city tourist portal. The publishing department develops special magazines devoted to selected aspects of Krakow’s cultural life, as well as those issued in connection with the most important events in the life of the city (addressed, among others, to guests of the Polish Presidency of the European Union in 2011, and the UEFA Euro 2012). In consultation with other departments of the Krakow Festival Office, the department carries out and co-produces publications related to the events organised by the office, and those that document its operations.
Human Resources Department

The department deals with all matters related to employment, settlement of employee salaries and the settlement of civil law contracts. It carries out tasks related to the management of the Employee Benefit Fund and reporting HR indicators. It is responsible for the preparation and implementation of policies on employment, salaries and training. The Human Resource Management is also involved in supporting the professional development of employees.
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