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Krakow City of Literature
Krakow City of Literature
Krakow City of Literature

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Programme Name: Literature and reading promotion
Priority Name: Reading promotion

“Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage”

Project Name: Krakow City of Literature
Beneficiary Name: The Krakow Festival Office
Project description: The Krakow City of Literature project is a social and promotional campaign helping to make use of the strength of the brand of literary Krakow in the promotion of reading attitudes and Polish literature. Krakow is perceived by Poles and foreigners as the cultural capital of Poland and a city of literature and poetry with an unquestionable contribution to the development of artistic and academic circles over many centuries. The role of Krakow in this project will be to generate positive reading attitudes by creating a framework for their promotion. The aim of the promotional campaign utilising this literary potential will be to build social capitals based on literature, i.e., to focus on the formation of positive reading attitudes connected both with traditional and new media rather than the promotion of the book.

Co-financing: PLN 150,000.00
Implementation period: 1st of January 2013 – 31st of December 2013


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